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Pet Dental Services

Proper dental care is crucial to your pet’s overall health. In fact, 80% of dental disease cases in pets are experienced before the age of 3. Regular dental cleanings have been proven to help prevent tooth decay and harmful bacteria from turning into dental disease.

Dental Examination

During a wellness exam, we will perform a dental assessment to determine the overall state of the pets’ teeth and gums. We will check for signs of tooth decay, tartar build-up, and inflammation. After visually inspecting the pet’s mouth, we will also conclude if additional x-rays are necessary.

Dental Cleaning

After completing a dental assessment, we recommend pets to receive an annual dental cleaning. We use an ultrasonic scaler to remove plaque and tartar build-up from the pet’s enamel when conducting pet dental cleanings. Because this procedure can produce loud noises that often scare pets, dental cleanings are performed with the pet being anesthetized for the entire procedure. This is also so we can perform a full cleaning by reaching the area under the gumline, where the majority of dental disease is found.

At-Home Dental Care

Between dental cleanings, we recommend an at-home dental routine to keep pets teeth healthy and strong. Although brushing the teeth is a wonderful practice, not all pet owners are able to do so since some pets will not sit still. For this reason, there are many rinses, chews, and toys available to help clean the teeth and break down tartar. We are happy to help provide additional recommendations during your next visit.

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